Maxlead is a Dutch digital marketing agency that focuses on international clientele, with a strong emphasis on SEO. Their team of more than 70 people works for renowned brands like TomTom, adyen, the European Union and DHL.

The challenge

Maxlead often deals with website migrations, supporting both the client and the external development team with regular audits while the new website is being developed. Together they work to make the migration as seamless as possible, but this requires a lot of cooperation between all parties.

Having multiple external teams involved in website migrations makes it hard to stay up-to-date as an SEO consultant.”

Before adding ContentKing to their toolbox, Maxlead was using traditional crawl software like Screaming Frog. But starting every audit from scratch made this process very time-consuming and error prone, and didn’t allow them to keep track of changes.

The solution

Maxlead saw ContentKing as the perfect sidekick for migrations. As ContentKing always provides up-to-date information on a website’s status, Maxlead only needed to log in and instantly had a full overview of which detected issues had been resolved and which were still open.

Thierrij: “With ContentKing you can see exactly what has changed, and when. This is great for making sure that a change is beneficial from an SEO perspective and quickly communicating potential issues with the rest of the team.”

On top of easily identifying release-blocking problems during a new site’s development, Maxlead was able to track both the production and staging environment in ContentKing, allowing for easy comparison to spot spot inconsistencies.

The results

Maxlead now uses ContentKing for all their migrations, which has led to a significant productivity boost thanks to the data being up-to-date and available at all times.

The real-time auditing and actionable insights provide Maxlead with the confidence they need to sign off on a migration release, while the Change Tracking features provide them with a permanent record of all changes before, during and after the migration.

In addition, the client collaboration features turned out to be very valuable for Maxlead. Thierrij: “ContentKing is very easy to use, and a big benefit is that you can easily invite the client to collaborate in ContentKing. Clients appreciate this a lot, as it provides them both with understanding what we’re working on and the progress that’s been made.”.