EE, part of the British Telecom Group, is the leading British mobile network operator based in the United Kingdom. It is the largest mobile network operator in the UK, with around 30 million customers and the largest operator of 4G services in Europe. Their website is a key sales channel for both existing and new customers.

The challenge

EE has an extremely high velocity of content changes and continuous technical changes driven by rapid development cycles. Jack Sperry, SEO Manager at EE, was in need of tooling to keep track of the constant changes and to assist with migrations and release management.

The solution

The logical choice for EE was ContentKing: “The increased confidence and added data views and update frequency is unrivaled by any other tool on the market.”, according to Sperry.

EE make heavy use of the change tracking technology, especially in tandem with the intelligent alerting functionality.

Jack Sperry
Jack Sperry
SEO manager, British Telecom

With ContentKing’s Tracked Changes feature, we have a firm grip on all on-page SEO changes on our websites. Never will changes go undetected.”

The results

ContentKing is a key part of EE’s toolbox, used to manage every release and migration. On top of that, its extensive auditing suite assisted in growing EE’s organic visibility by a whopping 90%!

For Sperry, one situation stood out especially: “During a particularly important commercial launch, ContentKing was used to measure performance and stability around for the clock.” It’s great for the EE team to have a rock-solid solution in place to track changes and problems, especially during key launches.