302 vs. 307 redirects: when to use which?

Last updated: September 9, 2020

The 302 and 307 redirect can both used when content has been temporarily moved. The main difference between these redirects is that the HTTP method remains unchanged when using a 307 redirect.

For instance, if the GET HTTP method was used, then the GET HTTP method is passed on as part of the redirect.

In practice, when content has temporarily moved SEO specialists usually just use the 302 redirect because it’s widely search engines respond to it as you’d expect. It’s a safe bet.

Please note that the 307 redirect is also used as an internal redirect, in case HTTPS is enforced.

302 redirect vs 307 redirect summarized

Redirect type Use-case SEO preferred
302 redirect Content temporarily moved, HTTP method can change. no
307 redirect Content temporarily moved, HTTP method should remain the same. no
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